Candles & Wine

by Variety Picnic



Come on in
Sit on down
We're gonna have Candles & Wine (gonna have Candles & Wine)
I pour the glass
You light the match
We're gonna have a grand old time (gonna have a grand old time)
It's gonna be a night to remember, baby baby
We're gonna melt some candles (and drink wine)
(and have a good time)
Have a good ol' time (you look so fine)
(let's have more wine)
(and more wine)

Ooh, gonna love you baby
One moment at a time
Ooh, makin' real love baby
With some candles & wine

I hope you like the smell
It's butterscotch
Let's have some more candles & wine (gonna have candles & wine)
Let's get real drunk
Drunk like a skunk
It's gonna be the night of our lives

Ooh, gonna love you baby
One moment at a time
Ooh, makin' real love baby (makin' that sweet dirty love)
With some candles & wine

Oh yeah girl
We're gonna get some candles and wine all up in ya
Drippy drippy
Let's hop to it!

Ooh, gonna love you baby (gonna love you baby)
One moment at a time
Two moments
Three moments
Four moments
Five moments
Six moments
Seven moments
Eight moments
Nine moments
Ten moments baby


released August 30, 2011
Written by Mathias Montgomery, Pat Mahoney, Kevin Morse & T-Bone Capone

Produced by Pat Mahoney

Artwork by Kevin Morse


all rights reserved



Variety Picnic Atlanta, Georgia

A seductive, sultry electro-pop group with a dash of comedy that now exists in your world.

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